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A propos: For people who are looking for a good night out, Madrid is the answer. Madrid in Spain is sometimes explained as the "Night Life Capital of Europe". There are around 344,000 bars that keep the city dynamic and supply the image to Madrid as the city that never ever sleeps.

In this city, it is regular to see individuals out and about at four to 6 in the early morning and one may similarly sometimes get stuck in traffic throughout these hours. That is why Madrileños are called by citizens as "gatos" or felines. It might likewise come as a surprise to know that kids are freely admitted in all types of bars, lunchrooms and restaurants and even some clubs; although this idea is not recommended and the owner of the bar has to be talked with initially.

This customized of night life in Madrid can be traced method back in the 80's when King Juan Carlos I brought back democracy in Spain. The youths who were oppressed during the long years of dictatorship used the streets to expose their pent up feelings which was called the Madrid Movement. Lots of intellectuals like musicians, authors and movie directors had excellent impact in this important Cultural Transformation.

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