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A propos: Since both her parents didn't have any allies either, Christine also was raised as a single grandchild. She grew up in a tiny neighborhood with adultsher grandparents and parents.
Because of this, she never really knew exactly what it meant to become a young kid. Since the adults across Christine were quite over-protective overly, she didn't find out how to relate well with different kids.
Growing up, Christine felt accustomed to the company of adults. She was always more mature compared to the other kids at school. Even when she attained friends, she frequently felt angry at them while climbing up because she felt they were too childish.
The adults who increased Christine had invested alot in herthis invited her to excel in most of her subjects in addition to any hobbies she decided to shoot up. Now that she's all grown up, takes that in the past, she could have seemed haughty for her peers.

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