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Nom et prénom: Genova Jack
Emplacement: Thompson Industrial Services 104 N. Main Sumter, SC Post Code-29150 South Carolina
Site: https://www.thompsonindustrialservices.com/
A propos: Your first choice for industrial cleaning and maintenance, offering the broadest line of specialty services, skilled personnel and highly automated capabilities.
We provide single-source accountability for your project – planning, scheduling, execution, and completion.
Our culture is built on the foundation of our core values – safety, quality and integrity. We put these into action every day through being safe, good and great for each other and for our clients.
Services we have:
Hydroblast, Vacuum & Big Pump
Automated Hydroblasting
Boiler Tube Cleaning
High Volume Hydroblasting – Big Pump
Pneumatic & Hydro-Vacuum Excavation
Ultra-High Pressure Hydroblasting & Cutting
Wet & Dry Vacuuming
Chemical Cleaning & FINFOAM®
Industrial Chemical Cleaning
Lifecycle Service Solutions
Routine, Outages & Turnarounds
Pre-Commissioning Cleaning
Sponge Blasting
Specialty & Custom Solutions
Combustible Dust Remediation
Dry Ice Blasting
Industrial Drone Inspections
In-Situ SCR Catalyst Cleaning
Specially if you need a heat exchanger cleaning services, ultra high pressure water blasting, boiler chemical cleaning, vacuum excavation services, cryogenic cleaning, high pressure water jet cleaning we are your best choice.

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